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FaunaLife è il primo registro animale internazionale che permette di proteggere ancora meglio il tuo pet. Scopri come!

Un aiuto per la salute
del tuo pet

Obstract puppy trade, scams and mistreatment

Facilitates adoptions between different Regions and States

Free for kennel and cattery guest management

Allows to find more easily the lost pet

All of your pet's records in one click

It is a universal and international animal registry

Simplifies and makes safer traveling abroad with your pet

Pet's digital identity is a first step in recognizing their rights

Contribute to the creation of the first International Animal Registry

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Give your pet a real digital identity and find it more easily all around the world!

Had I had it in the days of the ark, the leocorns would still be among us.

Noè Salvaguardia specie a rischio estinzione bibbilca

Finally a system for not having animals more equal than others....

George Orwell Rural Policy Expert

Indubbiamente una piattaforma che capisce gli animali

Dott. Dolittle Veterinario e linguista