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Blockchain: the world’s first dog recorded with this extraordinary technology is Italian

A revolution for the dog registry office, but not only. This blockchain application can be register all animals that have a microchip helping to counter phenomena such as abandonment, illegal trade, genetic diseases and ill-treatment

Milan 6 December 2019 – It’s called Pinta, is an Australian shepherd and was already famous on YouTube as the protagonist of the channel Qua la Zampa by Irene Sofia, a famous blogger, dog trainer and pet lover. But a few weeks ago this dog got even more special. It is in fact the first dog in the world to have been recorded in a blockchain application.

The idea was born from Irene Sofia and her husband Marco Crotta – among the top Italian experts in the blockchain sector – who thought of using and experimenting with the endless possibility of this technology right on their dog.

Thus began the project, the first initiative that aims to

to establish an independent dog registry based on the blockchain. The first registry office whose data remain immutable over time, have a certain date and an owner/author identifiable by digital signature. This feature is the best guarantee that what you get corresponds exactly to the declared data.

The advantages of blockchain are enormous:

  • unification of the dog registry at national and potentially international level;
  • facilitation of travel and adoption between different regions;
  • obstacle to the trafficking of puppies from foreign countries and contrast to the phenomenon of pet trade;
  • storage of the whole family tree of the animals (now it is very difficult to find the brothers of a litter and know for example if they have had similar diseases);
  • binds all pedigree information to the microchip;
  • allows you to attach health information and other documents;
  • offers the possibility of carrying out studies on the transmissibility of hereditary genetic diseases with accuracy and on a very large sample.

With Fauna.Life there will finally be a link between the pedigree and the microchip.

In Italy every year 200,000 dogs are enrolled in the ENCI and 8,000 cats in various associations that can release the pedigree. The herd books are proprietary, you can not freely access them and a lot of useful information is lost.

The project was born to manage the canine registry office but is not limited to dogs and can be applied to any animal identifiable by microchip or other identification system.

For example, it is also possible to start with the feline registry, to counteract straying and to catalogue and study the feline colonies.

The advantages of the blockchain also in the Pet area are remarkable. It is a technology simple, effective and economical. It also makes it possible to put all the information on the network present so far. In fact, owners of dogs and cats can enter the data, but at the same time the volunteers of the kennels and rescue centers, as well as the vets and breeders.

The projects in blockchain are now increasingly welcomed at institutional and State level.

The blockchain can contribute effectively and radically to the welfare of animals.


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