Ognuno di noi ha in famiglia un pet che ama alla follia! Per questo è nato il nostro progetto: partendo da esperienze personali e di vita vissuta ci siamo resi conto che per proteggere meglio il nostro amico a 4 zampe e tutelare tutti i pet, anche quelli meno fortunati, c’era bisogno di un cambio di rotta! Abbiamo messo in campo le nostre competenze, le nostre idee, i nostri studi e il nostro tempo per dar vita a FaunaLife…ora è il vostro turno! 

Irene Sofia

Irene Sofia

Founder, Project Designer, Animal Field Expert

Graduated in Biology with a focus on Biodiversity and Biological Evolution. Dog trainer and behavioral rehabilitator. Blogger and YouTuber (Qua la Zampa is the first and most popular channel in Italy on dog education). Responsible for the division FattorePet in FattoreMamma.

Marco Crotta

Marco Crotta (Blockchain Caffè) – Founder, Project Designer, Blockchain Expert

Graduated in Computer Science, Master in Parallel Computing. Corporate trainer and popularizer on blockchain, YouTuber, TEDx speaker, co-author of "Cryptotrading". Speaker at events and demonstrations. Blockchain Expert of the Quadrans Foundation.

william pividori

William Pividori


Lover of innovation, CFO. Former manager at multinationals (Warner Music, Prelios) startups, real estate, tourism and financial services. In 2017 he discovers and embraces the vision of Bitcoin. In the same year he launches Seed Venture, tokenization and crowdinvesting.

luca fregoso

Luca Fregoso


CEO & Founder of S2K has the first experiences in programming since 2000. In 2005 he began to develop in the web using mainly PHP, MySQL, Javascript. In the progress of his career he has developed a good experience in customer relations and in the management and organization of multimedia projects.

Giada Pastorino

Interface designer

Graduated in graphic design, she attends at Red Oddity the web designer course, The Woman In Tech. The course is developed around a solid technical preparation on the web, deepening the Adobe graphics software for Web Design such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash, web programming with the use of HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Luca Spennacchio


Expert in applied zooanthropology, he is a dog educator and instructor and author of articles and specialized essays. He is an instructor for numerous schools of professional training in the field of dogs and university masters. He deals in particular with issues such as stray dogs and kennels, as well as training for operators in the field of dog lovers.